Free web hosting NEW - 20 Mb. Banner ad; browser uploads; selected CGI scripts; choice of domain name. Free email. Very detailed and helpful info available before signing up. NEW - 40 Mb, with unlimited bandwidth on fast servers; Banner ads; FTP uploads; multiple directories allowed; some CGI support. URL:[]

1st HOME hosting - 5 mb web space with header AD banner. This site is organized into 9 communities. Free counter, guest book and message board included. PHP3 enabled. NEW - 20MB, instant messaging, FTP upload, file manager. URL: [] - 20 Mb sites. Site building tools and an online file manager for site management. Subdomain URLs: []

4Business.Net - This is a business oriented site. Offers 20 Meg of space with CGI and Perl support installed. Free transfer & setup of your domain ( Small 120x60 banners with placement options. Members get a free banner in the rotation. No Warez, Crack

4Office.Net - Features unlimited webspace for business or nonprofit sites, subdoman URLs [], unlimited traffic and email forwarding, CGI and FTP support. - - 50 Mb website; must diaplay 468-by-60 pixel banner; URL style: []; FTP; Website builder; No adult or warez sites.

Above World - 25 Mb webspace; Template page editor; No spam or warez. Adult sites ok.

Absolute Authority - Portal creation tool, with adverts

AcmeCity - 20 Mb fan sites. Places a framed ad at top of site. Message board, e-mail, FTP support. Joint venture of Warner Bros. and FortuneCity.

Action-Links - 35MB with banner ads

Advantage2You - Unlimited space given in 1Mb increments. Banner ads at top and bottom of pages. Includes FTP and cgi-bin access.

Angelfire - 30Mb, given in 5Mb increments as needed. Choice of pop-up or on-page ads. EZ page editor, online file manager, FTP, free e-mail.

AntiOnline's InfoSec Community - For security and technology related webpages, 5Mb to 100Mb sites available.

Anzwers - Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space. Commercial, personal and adult pages are accepted.

AOL Hometown - Build a homepage on the web and register it within a diverse group of topics, including hobbies and interests, food and travel, health and wellness, much more. NEW - Free unlimited webspace, No banners

Atmosphere - New Fast site with only a textlink on member sites, browserupload, a counter for every page and guestbook scripts already installed.

BamSystems - - 20 Mb webspace (url form: host/you); Unlimited traffic. Browser uploads; Simple HTML Editor. Personal forum and guestbook. One POP email account. Support for FTP, Real Audio/Video, PHP3, MIVA and CGI scripts, Frontpage 98 Extensions and AXS 2.2.

BCity - This is a business-only site. Banner ads required on each page. No pornographic sites or links to pornographic sites. No illegal software or spam email allowed. Users are required to provide the following private information before being accepted: age,

Beetown - Offers a free single page web site for individuals or non-profit organizations.

BigAssWeb - null - 10 megabytes of free web space for personal pages, free web based email, chatrooms, bulletin boards.

Bizland. - 35MB. Banners on each page or through popups. Business sites only.

Canadian Webs - Free web space for Canadians, and list of members sites. - Free webspace for artists, writers, scholars, scientists, philosophers, and intellectuals. Members must be over 18 years of age.

Channel21 - Offers two programs: Novices get up to 5 pages which are built from templates with either a simple 'answer the question' type editor or a 'cut and paste' editor. More experienced users can use file uploads with no limits on pages and up to 12 Mb of disks

ChickPages - Up to 5Mb. Must have a ChickMail email account (which is free) to qualify. Beginner and advanced online webpage editors are available or unload via browser. Business and personal sites permitted. Site may not sell advertising; host requires a banner a

Codename - You get 10MB of web space (, browser upload, and 1 free email forwarder, 1 free guest book. Banners are placed on your site to provide free service.

Conk - 1 MB. No ads, browser uploads only, offbeat community. The main reason anyone would choose them is the free third level sub-domain. Be They are currently reviewing their policy to offer no advert web space.

Conni Computers - Free 10 megs of website hosting, free website promotion, games to play, and free reports.

Corpus-Online - personal pages only - This site gives you a free 1 page website that has a limit of 5 megs. If you want more space they charge $12.95/month

Crosswinds - Offers large diskspace for your webpage accounts for free, as well as free email, both POP3 and web based and does not place banners on members' pages. Crosswinds also offers commercial hosting for free. Slow most of the time.

CyberCities - No ads. Offers 1 free web page and 1 free email address, which allows upto 25 megs of email storage.

CyberSoup - 15Mb; Banner ads; Browser upload; No scripts; URL:[ ]

CyVox Network - 6 Mb web space, 1 POP3 email address, customizable guestbook, counter (50 designs), and a multiple T3 network connection. Address: []

Delphi - - Limited homepage websites associated with hosts forums. Simple, easy-to-use-editor for page creation.

DenCity - 25 Meg free space. First 10,000 members are guaranteed no ads on their sites, ever. Create a message board for your site, a form mail script is available, and have a site that loads extremely fast. Very supportive staff answers all your questions on a for

Dreamwater Free Web Space - 30MB free web space, free chat board, free guest book. Simple URL plus no pop-up banners. FTP through web browser. No porn, warez, or hate sites or links to them.

Easypages - 50 Mb webspace. Hosts adult as well as personal and business sites. No spam. Site creation and management tools.

EasySpace - 25 Mb; Banner ads. unlimited FTP access; webmail account; support for FrontPage 2000; SSI; URL: [] - No ads, no ftp access, speedy and reliable. Half a meg of space, more according to the hits you get.

Eccentrix - 15 Mb webspace. Features include EZ web editor, free guestbook, FrontPage extensions, FTP access, and more. - 50 Mb disk space (expandable) Features include a subdomain url [], support for PERL/CGI (w/sendmail and SSI), PHP3, Python and MySQL; as well as Password Protected Directories (.htaccess), access counter, browser based file management a NEW - 50 Mb disk space (expandable) Features include a subdomain url [], support for PERL/CGI (w/sendmail and SSI), PHP3, Python and MySQL; as well as Password Protected Directories (.htaccess), access counter, browser based file management a

Escalix - Features include 6mb of webspace, T3 connection, free guestbook and message forum, online account manager, EZ-Web editor and 24/7 e-mail support. FTP and CGI-BIN are not supported. Banner ads top and bottom of page. No 'warez', porn or spamming. URL will

Escalix - Features include 6mb of webspace, T3 connection, free guestbook and message forum, online account manager, EZ-Web editor and 24/7 e-mail support. FTP and CGI-BIN are not supported. Banner ads top and bottom of page. No 'warez', porn or spamming. URL will

Esuburbs - Bannerfree Site hosting at no charge, 25 Mb space and unlimited bandwidth.

FamilyShoebox - - Free family web-sites with unlimited space; Private or public home page, newsletter, calendar, always private chat and threaded discussions

FamilyStreet - Banner adverts and 'navigation' advert, "no programming required", some user tools. NEW - 25 Mb; Banner ads; FTP uploads; free email; file-manager; limited CGI support: guestbbook, web board and form-mail. URL: []

Fiberia - Free web pages with 11 Mb, CGI Bin, SSL, an email address and more. Instant account activation and no questions asked for signing up. - 10 Mb website with no ads.

Fortune City - 20 mbs, advert, communities, 'watches' for illegal activity

Free CGI hosting for you! - cgi hosting free from Cgi2Go.

Free-Host: - - 10 Mb disk space; site at []; Hosted guestbook and message board; Unlimited bandwidth* FTP and web-browser based file upload;Free domain hosting

Free2000 - Free 5 meg Commercial website. Free dialup access. Free graphics, music, software, fonts, java and Tons more...

Freedom2Surf NEW - 20 Mb, with no ads. Includes FTP upload only, full CGI-BIN support, PHP3, and database features similar to MySQL. - Easily create secure on-line stores on our service for free using our site builder. Unlimited size, great feautres, 100 percent free. Import affiliate items automatically. - 20 Mb site. Ad-supported. Features unlimited email, FTP access, editing and site management tools and more. Subdoman URL: []

Freespace NEW - 20 Mb; Banner ads; "intended for intermediate to expert web users." - Put your company on the web. Free 25MB webspace, unlimited hits, no pop-up banners, your own domain name or sub-domain & service worldwide. - 5 MB, online builder - - 5Mb disk space to start, more as needed. Site name in the form [yourname.{choice of 8 URLs}.com]; Full ftp access for uploading; Free ready to use cgi scripts; Web-based file manager; Unlimited bandwidth. They state "zero-tolerance" for spam, wa

FreeYellow - 12 megs of space. Stats. "File uploading"

Geocities - Now owned by Yahoo!, but still dominating the free webspace market. Provides 15 MB of space, a forms-based page editor, Add-Ons (including a site counter, guestbook, etc.), and FTP access, among other features. Does not support CGI scripts. Advertising

GeoFiles NEW - 25Mb with unlimited bandwidth. Banner ad at top of each page. Features include a message board, form mailer and guestbook. URL: []

Geovillage - 20MB , no adverts or popups on the member pages, preinstalled scripts like WWWboard, FFF links page, forms, automatic submission to searchengines, autoresponders, support forum, upload webbased or ftp and configurable machine names. - 15 Mb webspace; no popup windows. Features FTP access, Frontpage extensions, unlimited email, 1 POP3 account, and subdomain url: [] - 7 Mb, reliable server, EZ page builder, EZ upload & file manager, no ftp,

GurlPages - 5 megs of space. - A cool address in the form, Provides 10 MB of space, FTP access, FrontPage support, and design tools. You can also bid on the name you want (auction format) if it's already taken. - offers free web space, with helpful page design tools and personalized web page addresses (

HomeStead - null

Homex (Singapore One) NEW - 6 Mb; No ads, host buttons at bottom of page; Browser/FTP uploads; Users may establish multiple sites. Limited CGI support. URL: []

Hosting 4 Students - Hosting for school students

HotBot - 5 megs and email. You also get listed in the HotBot search engine.

HotYellow98 Free Lifetime Websites! - HotYellow98 offers 5MB of free webspace for personal or business use and places a banner on the top of your page. No email account provided with free space. Many extras are included in the Free signup. - One-page website for individuals to post family pictures and descriptions.

HydroMed NEW - 5 Mb on Apache server. Banner ads; Browser uploads; 24/7 access and support; CGI and SSI; webboard, guestbook, form-mail and real-time stats are pre-installed. URL: [ /]

Hypermart - 10 Mb; User selects between popups and banner ads. Upload via browser or FTP. Full CGI-BIN/SSI support. Extras include choice of a basic or advanced online editor, and support of Front Page extensions. URL: []

IBizSource.Com - Free domain hosting, free websites, free classifieds and link submissions, national newspaper advertising, merchant credit card accounts, travel services, home employment services.

IceStorm - offers 4MB Disk Space, 1 gig per/month traffic, 1 email address with online interface. Files are uploaded via a web interface and all code is edited there as well. No FTP. - Free websites, email, interactive help forums, webmaster resources. NEW - 10 Mb, secure server access available; Popup ads (no ads: $15 / 6 months) ; Browser uploads; Full CGI,unlimited Java chat rooms and third-level domains; shopping cart available. URL: [] - with online page creator

Infocache - 5 Megs of webspace for free. It includes many features.

InformationFamily - Primarily for non-profit community groups, school related organizations (i.e. PTA), scouting troups, and amateur sports leagues.

InfoSpace Homepages - With adverts, url in the form[yourname]

IntelCities - 3 MB web space, no ads, banners or pop-up advertisements on your pages. Features include CGI area, virtual chatroom, special area for kids and a lot more.

Internations - Basic service includes 20 Mb site, WWWBoard, guestbook and email. Subdomains [] are available for a onetime fee of $10 and provide an additional 30 Mb space as well as CGI and FTP access.

Internet Trash - Free pages for trashy, tasteless, stupid, bizzare, obnoxious, politically incorrect, meaningless, waste of bandwidth, offensive or even normal and ordinary sites welcome. No advertisements, 10 Mb space, browser and a unique email upload system, communitie

Internet-City - 3 megs a of space. The url is a little long: Free email also.

IranSeek Community - 20 Mb webspace. Free homepage, email, & pop up messenger service for persian, iranian community on the web.

Irishbiz - Free for Irish businesses located in Ireland only - Offers 1 free home page and 1 email address. This site is geared specifically towards women. - 35 Mb. No ads. Dedicated FTP. 5 POP3 email accounts; unlimited auto responders and mail forwarders. CGI-BIN with PHP3, FP98/2000, Java, SGML, VRML and DHTML support. Only established sites will be considered. URL: []

JoinMe - 5 Mb of webspace. Webbased editor, guestbooks and bulletin boards.

JoinMe NEW - 5 Mb of webspace. Webbased editor, guestbooks and bulletin boards. NEW - 40 Mb w/unlimited bandwidth on OC-192 line.. Banner ad at top of each page. Browser uploads.Limited CGI, including guestbook and forum. Sites with few hits are permitted. URL: []

Kewlplaces - 25 Mb of web space. Features include web board, guestbook, formmail, ftp support, extensive tutorials and more.

Lot' NEW - 50 Mb on T1 line. Banner at top of each page. Browser uploads. No CGI. URL:[http://yoursite/] NEW - 50 Mb, no ads. File manager uploads. Unlimited web-based email accounts (POP3 accounts available.) Six counters, guestbook, message board and client mailing list are supported.

My CyberSoup - 15 MB, page builder, duplicate page creation tool, counter and more

MyCgiServer - 2Mb website; free CGI hosting with support for Perl, PHP3 and Java servlets; unlimited trafic. Supported by pop-up ads. Form of url: mycgiserver/~username - This site is a service of Ancestory.Com, Inc., which provides access to genealogy databases, a gift shop and content providers for family websites. MyFamily.Com features include a threaded message base and optional e-mail notification in new items are - European free webspace service. You get instant access to 15 Mb on a fast server with a fast connection to Internet. Only for European users. NEW - 10 Mb w/unlimited bandwidth; Banner ads; Browser uploads; Free clipart, limited CGI; URL: []

NanoHome Free 3D Home Pages - Build and decorate your own free 3D personal home page in a rich interactive 3D environment. Create themed rooms to display your writings, favorite web sites, and graphics. Free viewer for visitors. *** READ THE LICENSING AGREEMENT CAREFULLY *** - Free website hosting provider. This site offers 2 MB of space and 1 email account. They do place ads on your site. Browser uploads only.

NetColony - This web host boasts 35 MB free webspace; unlimited bandwidth; no setup-charges or monthly fees; your own guestbook; your own message-board, Ez Homepage Builder templates. Advanced file manager; Web based HTML editor; and fast servers. They do requi

Netfirms - Every Free Netfirms account comes with 25MB of webspace,, unlimited hits, instant activation and no setup or monthly fees ever NEW - 10 Mb; unlimited bandwidth. Popup ads on each page.

Netjack, LLC - 5 Mb website. No adult or illegal material. Requires more personal information than most do for sign up.

NetManor - 15 Mb; Banner ad on each page. Browser/FTP uploads. No CGI. Free email account. URL: []

Netscape Site Central - 11MB of free webspace with images, Banner ad for site central on every page

NoLimit Free Hosting [10 MB of free space] - Get 10 MB of FREE space and banner ads.

OAM Web - 5 Mb webspace. Hosts business and personal sites. Features: web board, guest book, and form mail. Easy to use templates and EZ Web Builder for the unexperienced.

OneCenter.Com - 12mb of web space; T3 connection; free guestbook and message board; 24 hour support forum

OnlineExpress NEW - 10 Mb w/unlimited hits. Banner ads on each page. No user ads. FTP uploads, email account, autoresponder, CGI-BIN with guestbook, counter abd FrontPage support.

OrgSites - Provides a one page site and category directory interface to clubs, civic organizations and nonprofit groups. Links to group's official website and locator maps available.

PharoWeb - free email, web space, chat, newsgroup and more.

PhiberOptix - 30 Megs, cgi-bin , Real Audio/Video servers , One Unix Shell account, One FTP address , E-mail, Web Account Manager , mySQL Support, PHP Support, Your own sub-domain( and FrontPage Extensions Support - Seems to make use of the structure to help you build a portal. It places their advertisments at the top of your portal

Power Serve - 5Mb website; Free page counters, guestbook, and forum page. 268x60 banner required at top of each page. No porn, vulgar or offensive material.

Prohosting - 15 Mb of space, email, FTP, runs CGI/SSI and more. No forced ads, links or watermarks. - null - 10 Mb, free email, Qwik Builder System, Raw HTML uploading, Communities, Chat rooms, Message Boards

Radical Web Christian Community - A Christian community with free membership that includes a free homepage, auto-responder, and more.

Red Rival - 20 Meg free space with no ads. Easy-to-use browser upload and maintenance, FTP, subdirectories, upgrade packages available, and the staff is very quick to respond to questions.

RLSC Network - Free homepages and email. Signup and upload pages by email. NEW - (Rolling on the Floor, Laughing) 5 Mb; No ads; Free email and forwarding; electronic postcards. URL: []

RVX Networks - Free webhosting for 1 home page. Upload multiple files through your browser. Fast with no ads, and signing up is a snap. NEW - Unlimited space; Banner ad at top of each page; FTP/browser uploads; free e-mail (25 Mb); limited CGI: guestbook, form-mail, and message-board. URL: [ NEW - 10 Mb w/unlimited bandwidth. Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads; free e-mail. No CGI; URL: [] NEW - 8 Mb w/unlimited bandwidth; Banner ads; Browser uploads; Limited CGI; URL: []

SnGnet - Unlimited Web Space - 50 Mb; Banner ad; FTP; Features include guestbook, message board, counters, and 'HTML Wizard'. Sites organized by communities (Business, Gaming, Sports, Travel, Tv & Film, Entertainment, Science Fiction, Internet, Computers, Music, Other). URL: [www - Student-oriented free email and homepage, search the Internet and become part of a world wide student community.

SpacePorts - This site offers 10MB of space and then you can request more after you use what you have. Sites are provided in exchange for banner advertisement.

Spree - Unlimited Web space, easy sign up, browser up loads, no easy editor, beginner guide. Shopping loyalty scheme. Places an advert or a pop up banner on your page. The address appears in the form[community]/username. - - 3 MB Free Web Space.. A customized web name.. (ie. A small graphic ad on one page. Some additions will cost you - Free webpage and website hosting featuring streaming media. Includes free media production and webmaster services. Businesses must apply and be accepted for free hosting. No adult sites.

SurfShare - Features include: "unlimited" disk space with no set limites on the number of files, directories or subdirectories; daily bandwidth of up to 2 Gb; Pop3 email account; full FTP access; 24/7 stats; web bulletin board and more. All member sites sh

SurveyAnywhere Self-Service Survey Site - SurveyAnywhere allows you to create a web-based survey form, absolutely free. Just have the survey questions ready and within five minutes your survey form will be live on the internet, visible to the world. Plus, you can see the latest survey results thr

TalkCity - This site offers 1 home page and 1 email account. The page is hosted in return for banner advertisement.

TalkCity - 12 Mb; Popup ads. Uploads via FTP. Provides some CGI scripts, including live chat. URL: []

The Center For Business - Designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Offres 2Mb webspace, free e-mail, market research, discussion forums and more.

The Cozy Cabin - They offer 20 Mb of free web space in return for placing ads on your pages.

The Doghouse Homepages - 5 Mb homepages, page building tools, free email and more. A fairly detailed questionare must be completed to qualify.

The Express Page - Somewhat limited. Can't add complete HTML files and upload your own images.

The Novella Hub NEW - 50 Mb; Business or personal; banner ads at bottom of page; Limited CGI support. URL: []

The Religious Registry - Free web sites to qualifying religious organizations and is AEIP Certified.

TheGlobe - They seem to offer a free home page compared to a web site. They have a disclaimer that informs you that information you provide to them in the registration WILL be passed to third parties.

ThePark - Primarily a chat service with 5 Mb webspace; online editor. Basic service is limited; Additional features require fee.

Third age - 9 MB of space, there is a fairly large banner that is embedded in and displayed at the top of site.

Tilted Media - 2 Mb disk space, FTP access, e-mail forwarding, 500 Mb/month limit. URL in the form

Timecities Free Webhosting - 15 Megs Free , Supports a wide varity of files, No pop ups, no banners. They do not offer FTP or CGI. NEW - 50Mb with unlimited bandwidth. File manager and editor. Guestbook and message board. - 50 MB of Free Web Space with Unlimited Bandwidth, CGI access, and more

TreeWay - No software or HTML knowledge required. 25 page limit and one free E-mail.

Tripod-UK - It offers 12 Mb now with annoying pop up adverts and you can upload your files through FTP. - Another well-established service. Very speedy server, 11 megs, ftp access, subdirectories, EZ page builder, tilde in member URL. The only drawback would be the pop-up ads.

Unique Pages - 5 Mb webspace (more for a fee). Servers run NT 4.0. Supports FTP, VBScript, JScript, Perl CGI scripts and more. Requires 468 x60 banner or pop-up.

UrWWW - Four pages (including a 1-page "communication center"). Template-based with a choice of two templates for each of five categories; Must select page titles from a menu.

VeoWeb - 5mb website on a secure server; Features include preinstalled CGI, free JavaScripts, clipart, guestbook, configuable bulletin board, links page, and more. No ads. URL form: []

VeoWeb NEW - 15 Mb on a secure server; No ads; browser uploads; preinstalled CGI, free JavaScripts, guestbook, configuable bulletin board, links page, and clipart. URL: []

Virtual Avenue - Free Virtual Domain Hosting - 20 Mb Website; virtual domain hosting. Perl CGI and FTP supported; Required ads can be inline, framed, or popup.

Virtual Nine - 5 MB, unix server NEW - 10 Mb; Framed banner ad; Browser/FTP uploads. Extensive online editing facilities. Limited CGI support. URL: []

Warezcities - Free hosting for all warez sites. Sub categories, free hits, sponsorship opportunities, and search engine.

WBS - 7 megs, reliable server, EZ page builder, EZ upload & file manager, no ftp, long member URL, WBS icon on the bottom of the page.

Web Host Me NEW - 20 Mb w/unlimited traffic. Banner ads; browser uploads. Support for MS-Access, FrontPage and ASP. Web based email. Some CGI scripts. Multiple subdomain aliases, ok. Free domain hosting also available. URL: []]

Web Smack - 10 Mbs of webspace; no advertising; free message board and guestbook; no bandwidth restrictions; unlimited folders.

Webazn - Unlimited web space, free E-mail, serveral uploads through browse facilites at once (no FTP) and easy addition of forums to your site. It offers a text editor without a preview function. An advertisment is placed on your pages - 25 Mb; An ad frame is required; FTP uploads; CGI-BIN; Extras include free e-commerce site builder, new domain registration, file manager utility and graphical site statistics. User ads are permitted. URL: []

Webspawner - 20 Mb site. Online editor and site management tools

Welcome To Andrew Simons Enterprises NEW - Internet Presence Provider offering the complete Internet Presence Solution, including design of your website, reliable hosting, e-commerce, shopping cart, bankcard integration and a full marketing package. - 20MB, adverts at the top and bottom of pages, no FTP NEW - 25 Mb; Banner ads; Browser uploads. Server CGI: guestbook, forum, formmail, site search and search-engine submission. Private CGI-BIN, simple and advanced editors.URL:[] - 12 Mb; Banner ad on each page. Browser uploads. No CGI. Free email. URL: []

WowSites.Com - This ad-supported host allows sites with up to 9 pages and 12Mb of disk space per account; multiple accounts are permitted. There is no limit on bandwidth. Browser uploads; no FTP. No page creation or editing facilities provided. - Free web space to host your web site without advertisements and email services are available. You can either host a virtual web site with us as a member or host your web domain with us. They offer a Cold Fusion hosting plan. An entertainment portal commun

XOOM - Unlimited megs, ftp access, allows subdirectories, adverts

Zenation - Up to 50 Mb of webspace, pre-installed CGI scripts, Makes no claims on site content; Strong privacy statement. No porn or hate sites. Must publish site with actual content within 2 weeks of signup.

ZipAsia - ZipAsia claims to be "the Total Asian Entertainment Site" and provides personal homepages for those of Asian heritage or interest. Features include online chat, open forums, "fantasy sports" and e-mail. -, a profit shared banner, unlimited space and a free e-mail address.

ZY - 5Mb; On line editor and file-manager; 2-D and 3-D images. Fee programs are also available for individuals and businesses.